[VIDEO] Rodolphe Coster and his European band drops live session

Brussels musician and activist Rodolphe Coster and his European band drop a stunning live session to perform two tracks from his upcoming debut LP High With The People, delivering versatile soundscapes woven with jazzy feels and free-flowing creativity.

Opening with ”Gilles Memory,”  an unreleased song written in tribute to a friend of Coster who died during the 2016 terrorist attacks in Brussels before moving on to “Seagulls Fly on Highways,” the live sessions feature a sequence shot by Minhea Popescu capturing the power and emotion that form the foundation of Rodolphe Coster and Band.

Speaking of the live sessions and his musical relationship with his band, Coster said: “With the band I work with in Brussels, we work more like a free jazz band in the frame of pop songs. I’m inspired by the feelings of human connections. I think the Free House Session shows how easy it is to play my songs, and hopefully how profound can be the instant when you’re not talking too much of it before, when you mute the ego.”

With the noisy and profound feel of one track balanced out by the groovy, riff-laden of the other, the Free House Session is simple yet intricate, loud yet gentle carried by rhythms and melodies in perfect tandem.

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