Passport Gift, Parks and Grafh go “On The Road 2”

Hip-hop artist Passport Gift and Parks release their first new visual "On The Road 2" off of their most recent album No Vaccine. Featuring Grafh, both G's bring some raw New York rap to the table with their lyricism.

In 2020, Gift and Parks released their album No Vaccine, which is filled with lyrics that address social issues, such as the pandemic and the Black Lives Matter movement throughout the album. Through tracks such as "Pick a Side" and "Gunshots," Gift uses conscious rap to bring and spread awareness to these issues.
Through the intense lyrics on "On The Road 2," Gift and Grafh use poetic soul-aching realities and turn them into a substance-filled track, painting raw pictures of the chaotic state we are living in, especially during this pandemic. Gift opens the track by rapping, "Got the Lysol wipes (check), got the Lysol spray (check), mask (check), gloves (check)." Symbolically forgetting the toilet paper as he metaphorically highlights the struggle of the pandemic mixed with other social issues, we witness the atmosphere in New York City as Gift walks to C-Town, which is a staple supermarket in certain neighborhoods.
Produced and mixed by Parks, this track combines gritty old hip-hop beats with smooth sounds as Gift's tone exudes strength, emotion (particularly pain), and vulnerability all while his delivery and flow is impeccable. When Grafh enters the track, he makes his presence known as his impressive wordplay is witty and clever, such as when he raps "You're an online thug, you live in the browser." Press play and see how they take over the entire city while addressing important issues through conscious rap. 
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