Van Buren Records can't miss on “CASH RULES” [Video]

Of the myriad rap groups emerging over the past several years, a very precious few take the "rap" moniker seriously.  Chief among these is Brockton, Massachusetts-based rap crew Van Buren Records who specialize in delivering visceral, minimalistic, bar-heavy bangers that need little introduction.  One spin of their celebrated debut album Bad For Press will tell you everything you need to know about the 13-member collective of emcees, producers, and creatives.  "CASH RULES" marks their newest offering, and it doesn't disappoint with a patently chilly ambiance and razor-sharp verses from all involved.  

Van Buren consists of rappers FELIX!Luke Bar$JilesSAINT LYORMeech BOLDInvada; producer/emcee multi-hyphenate, Andrew Regis; fellow producers Ricky Felix and Kiron Akil, and engineer, R. Louie; alongside designer Moses Besong, and creative directors Shelby Narcisse and E.  One might think that with a group as diverse and sizeable as Van Buren that there would be some lack of consistency; but that is roundly not the case.  Each offering by the Van Buren boys (yes, the name is a reference to the classic Seinfeld episode) is a focused and frigid showcase for each member's distinct lyrical offerings.  "CASH RULES" utilizes AzizTheShake's minimalist and haunting production, while the crew layers clever wordplay with their venomous deliveries resulting in a microphone-menacing royal rumble of fiery bravado.  

Delivering their 16-bars with reckless abandon, Van Buren is a revolving door of heat-seeking lyricism that take no time to catch their breath.  "CASH RULES" blurs the line between single and cypher, with every member bringing their strongest bars to date. 

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