Mogli inspires with the glistening new single “Echo” [Video]

Visual artist Mogli shares the first single "Echo" from her forthcoming album RAVAGE. Released after a tough time for the artist, "Echo" is a glistening number that unravels into a celebration of creative and emotional freedom.

Journeying through raw guitars and powerful rising drum rhythms, the single ignites the self-belief of overcoming a toxic relationship. The visuals paired alongside the track are cinematic to say the least; it's basically a mini film that draws you in with its tense narrative and leaves you hooked on what happens next. A dystopian world of regime and control, "Echo" promises to overcome those for individuality and personal freedom. “Echo” is about this moment of realisation that had so much power for me because it made me walk in the right direction even though I didn’t know where I was going," explains Mogli. "This song is the catalyst for the whole journey ahead. It’s telling you to never settle and to find your own voice in this world.”

Singing "what if one day you wake up and you don't try to block it out", Mogli harnesses her emotive lyricism to provoke an emotional response. It's a dramatic single that needs your whole attention and promises to unravel more layers as we get teased further with the album release.

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