Noah Jack is back with a fiery new single and music video, “ANGST” [Video]

Riding the success of his recent single “FACELIFT”, Noah Jack has returned with a more rough and emotional cut, “ANGST”. The 20-year-old producer and artist is just breaking onto the scene and is quickly garnering traction. Along with the single is a thrilling music video, directed by Cade Laranang.

In “ANGST” we see a more vulnerable Noah. The song’s story revolves around Noah at a time where he wasn’t putting himself first in his life. Sonically, the track is carried by a thundering and distorted guitar, which goes hand in hand with Noah’s electronically infused vocals. Still, there are moments of smoother guitars and vocals, which keep “ANGST” fresh throughout.
Altogether, the track is vulnerable and emotional, represented not only through the lyrics but the conflicting and intense production.

The accompanying music video is a perfect extension of the emotions and sounds of “ANGST”. The use of a shaky cam and glitchy visuals add to the chaotic energy the track radiates. The video slowly crescendo’s, with many of the opening shots, and sets more still and calm. Slowly, the tension builds alongside the drop. Then, as the distorted drums come into play, the shots get more chaotic, filled with action. It’s an exciting watch.

Noah Jack proves himself once again on his newest single “ANGST”. The track is energetic, but still cohesive with his most recent single. The music video brings the track to life and is a showcase of Jack’s vision. With a couple of great singles under his belt, Noah Jack is a promising new star in the industry.

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