My Favorite Color Drops Video for “Frustrated”

maxresdefault-17 My Favorite Color Drops Video for "Frustrated"

My Favorite Color is still “Frustrated” and telling you all about it today. MFC takes a step away from his usual uptempo flow and quirky lyrics for a trappy snare-base beat and aggressively quotable bars that leave a bruise with every punchline. This new music video shows MFC in a different hue as he gets some things off his chest – rapping “N****s can’t speak the same language as us, N****s ain’t even as famous as us.” As the artist who rang “Mayday” and colorfully dropped some “Old News” last year, “Frustrated” is a testament to the artist’s multi-colored skill set and his wide-ranging emotions, which are only eclipsed by his love for PinkPantheress; and to his opps, MFC has one thing to say, “You’ll never have me figured out as an artist, because I don’t even understand myself”

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