Lola Blanc ruminates on justice on “Here Comes the Wolves”

Multi-talented act Lola Blanc drops spooky offering "Here Comes the Wolves," led by her wispy vocals and a foreboding soundscape of slow-build keys and booming beats as she ruminates on the idea of justice and revenge. Angry and punchy yet empowering, this feminist anthem encompasses everything that Blanc’s dramatic artistry stands for.

With the dark vibes of the track enhanced by the red-tinged vampire-chic imagery of the video, Blanc delves into the human desire to get back at those that hurt you, exploring themes of morality through her lyrical metaphors that grapples with urge to punish the wrongdoers of your life while still knowing that it achieves nothing.

Directed by Blanc herself, the music video which was initially inspired by 1988 Polish film A Short Film About Killing is dark and vividly imaginative yet realistic, depicting a story about how revenge does not fulfil – the cinematic visuals pulling us into a surreal metaphorical sci-fi world as the production thrums with her lush sonics and deeply intellectual lyrical narratives.

Singer-songwriter, cult survivor, femme fatale, former child ventriloquist, avant garde director and filmmaker, Lola Blanc is a lot of things at once. With an ability to catch your attention with her sharp observations and topical reflections, she manages to she juxtapose the unnerving psyche of humanity with thrilling instances of escapism within the trippy, dystopian vibes of her latest foray.

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