Jayli Wolf soars in her new single, “Hush” [Video]

Indigenous, queer artist Jayli Wolf had a tough, abnormal childhood, growing up in a doomsday cult. There, she learned about her sexuality, but never felt free to express her identity. However, as she got older, she realized she didn’t have to stay in this situation and mindset just because she was born into it. Liberating herself from the cult, Jayli found freedom and self-expression. Music became her outlet for creativity and healing, which leads us to today. Today, Jayli Wolf releases her new single and video for “Hush.”

The power of “Hush” first comes from Jayli’s hushed, thrilling vocals. However, her voice heightens with an R&B backbeat and electronic sonics, juxtaposed well by a slowed, reverbed backing vocal. "Hush" explores Jayli's earliest feelings of desire and her bisexual discovery, and how she’s learned to embrace herself in spite of her past.

In the past, Jayli explained how scared she was that her sexuality would destroy her. Now, Jayli explains, "Being free now, my deprogramming has also allowed me to question the societal conditioning around relationships and sexual orientation. I hope this song brings people feelings of power and freedom in their own personal explorations."

With “Hush”, Jayli also announces her autobiographical debut EP Wild Whisper, out in June. This new EP will provide the musical soundscape of Jayli’s experience leaving her childhood religion, mental health, sexual abuse, and high-control religious groups. However, it will rise above those dark times by looking up and celebrating life.

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