Jessica Lowndes shares refreshing ‘ELEMENTAL’ visual album

Jessica Lowndes has shared a visual album for ELEMENTAL, following up the original release of the LP as an audio format in August. The latest from the Canadian multi-hyphenate and CW’s 90210 star, the ELEMENTAL visual album explores the journey of love, loss, redemption and self-forgiveness. The visual album’s story unfolds throughout seven chapters, in which she uses the four basic elements of nature—earth, water, air, and fire—to represent the many emotions in the stories she tells, exploring the process of searching for love, romantic uncertainty and rediscovering self.

In the first single from the album, she depicts herself journeying, looking for love in “Hunter,” in which she pursues the path of the celestial bodies to guide her, all the while holding onto hope. The song contains expansive instrumentation that builds in a dynamic fashion, as Lowndes delivers ethereal, infectious melodies. During the track, she mentions someone warning her about who she gives her heart to- she is in love with a man she describes as a thief in the night, and the singer is being hunted by her lover. In the second single, the element of earth is highlighted in “Bitter End” because we see her going through an earthquake in her relationship. On “Lost Love”, elegant pianos give way to an uplifting soundscape that underscores Lownde’s inspired vocal performance. The third single, “Lost Love,” Jessica expresses her deep adoration for a man she now refers to as “her one and only.” She is torn between whether she is certainly in love with this man or whether they are reuniting simply due to loneliness. In “Chasing Ghosts,” Lowndes builds the track around a haunting melody, nocturnal and emotive cinematic production, and leans into her iconic climactic builds. Charging with electricity, “Chasing Ghosts” is musical lightning in a bottle. The song features vivid synths, lively drum lines, and rich bass. 

The latest from Jessica Lowndes, the ELEMENTAL visual album is an exciting release from the Canadian multi-hyphenate that is packed with emotion, all the while displaying immersive, sharply-crafted songwriting.

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