Claudillea unleashes her captivating cover of “Habanera” [Video]

Taking a famed Opera piece and turning it on its head, Claudillea’s rendition of "Habanera" from Carmen is completely spellbinding. Her haunting, modernized reinvention exudes a fiery, fierceness. The singer showcases her stunning operatic vocals over a myriad of industrial, electronic sounds. It is classic French opera transformed for today’s generation. The accompanying video entices viewers with dark and dreamy imagery. Dancers intensely move atop smoky clouds, adding to the offering’s ethereal air.

Claudillea grew up living in many different countries, being submerged in the unique palette of each place. This type of cultural variety translates into the eclectic body of work she presently performs. Fusing her opera with pop, trap, hip-hop and EDM, her penetrating releases defy genre barriers. This rare melding of musical styles landed her a coveted spot on the UK’s voice in 2020. Her aim is to inspire others to branch out sonically. The talent hopes her colorful quality can really resonate with fans. She reveals, “For me, the opera world actively excludes certain demographics, and I want to help make it more accessible. Bring it into 2021. If Mozart was around today, his music would be covered in Radio 1 Lounge and done a completely different way.”

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