Bleacher Boy Unveils Fusion Of Grunge Hyperpop & Cloud Rap On Latest Singles “Fool’s Diamond” & “Drifter”

London-native alt-pop, hip-hop, and pop-funk singer-songwriter and producer, Alistair, better known under his stage name Bleacher Boy, has just recently unveiled his latest releases, the singles “Drifter” and “Fool’s Diamond.” Emerging from a dark underground world to bring forth some of the everyday excitement, Bleacher Boy creates a swinging momentum with his dreamy atmospheres in “Drifter” and “Fool’s Diamond”  featuring fresh vocals instantly challenging our core emotions. These two flawless productions are filled with a calming energy and bring something undeniably innovative to the music scene.

Although it took Bleacher Boy a while to find his lane in music, he recently felt like stars seemed to finally align, with the increasing popularity of the genres he uses in his music. Growing up listening to the likes of Eminem, Green Day, Scooter and Blink 182 was always bound to inspire the sonic soundscape he creates today. 

Bridging gaps between music genres and subcultures is something Bleacher Boy naturally does since the very beginning of his journey, as he creates a sound that simultaneously has appeal yet with lyrics straying away from the glamorisation of drugs, depression and hate, with more of a focus on mindfulness and self growth. 

His music undeniably sets a vibe,  with a cinematic kind of soundscapes that puts people in the zone while emitting high energy at times, and will certainly resonate with all kinds of music fans all around the world. 

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