Alex Morton, Branden Condy, Josh King Madrid and TheBlondeJon Spotted In Talks At Miami Rooftop Lounge

The group of businessmen and social media influencers was spotted together in Miami. They appear to be planning something significant. They had been spotted earlier that day at the Break The Code event.

The four social media moguls were seen hanging out and having fun with Alex Morton. Alex Morton is the highest paid network marketer in the world and has gathered millions of followers for his personal brand, in case you’ve somehow managed to live under a rock and are unaware of this. Internet sensation Josh King “JetSet” Madrid, a serial business owner, is well-known for his marketing podcast. Entrepreneur and influencer Branden Condy is well-known for his hit song “Just Paid” and the quick rise of his brand on Instagram. With over 5 million followers and numerous billion views, TheBlondeJon is a tiktok influencer. It is also believed that he runs businesses with his older brother JetSetFly.

Branden was discovered to be with JetSetFly and TheBlondeJon when he was seen valeting his Rolls Royce Cullinan. They were immediately led inside by the security. They appeared to have fun while they were there, as evidenced by fan videos posted on social media. Fans who have waited patiently ever since the group’s social media collaboration are probably anticipating this as a major event.

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