ZADA shares genre-defying “Snakes and Ladders” [Video]

Ethiopia-born, Whistler, British Columbia-based artist ZADA has just unleashed a new pop-meets-soul single and video. Called “Snakes and Ladders”, the track was just released alongside the slow burning heartfelt single “Be Somebody Else”.

“Snakes and Ladders” is all about the self awareness and growth that can come when realizing and ultimately leaving a toxic relationship. With lyrics including, “Not playin games anymore / I’ve seen your steps / And they movin backwards / But I gotta keep pushin forward,” ZADA is not going to stand for mistreatment and she will move on to a healthier love interest. “Snakes and Ladders” thrills with intoxicating layered vocals over afrobeat infused soundscapes and shimmery keys. Cinematic backdrops envelop the listener taking them on a journey of reflection and ultimate self growth. The accompanying music video shows her singing and dancing against a palette of deep blues and purples. Other dancers accompany her with powerful choreographed dancing mirroring the single’s narrative of inner strength.

ZADA crafts an enthralling and expansive sonic fusion taking elements of pop, folk, electronic soul and afrobeat. The artist began releasing music just this year, collaborating with the likes of famed producers Brian West (Nelly Furtado, Maroon 5) and Chin Injeti (Drake, PINK). A running theme in ZADA’s music is human connection and overcoming self doubt. With only a handful of singles out, ZADA’s unique and ear-pleasing musical releases catapulte her as an artist on the rise.

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