Get acquainted with newly minted Toronto duo OBRIGADO on “Hush” [Video]

Borrowing elements of alternative, R&B, and hip-hop, the Toronto duo composed of Ryan Borges and Jesse Lucas, now known as OBRIGADO, are the newest genre chameleons that you need to get familiar with.  Borges and Lucas started their musical careers in a band together a few years back before spending some time apart to develop their solo careers.  Lucky for our ears, fate led them to start making music together again, and their first single "Hush" is a woozy alt-hip-hop banger that signals a very bright future ahead.  

Psychedelic and trippy to its core, "Hush" is a fun, bouncy, and thoroughly enjoyable cut that is every bit as blearily red-eyed as it intends to be.  You can immediately tell there is creative chemistry between the duo and the versatility with which they can express themselves.  A bristling breakdown and steadily satisfying wordplay make the single dodge and weave its way into your rotation, eliciting 'high'-deas and good vibes throughout.  The debut single is accompanied by a similarly toned, fish-eyed visual that floats into the metaphysical with dizzying camera work and the lighter-flicking, late 2000's stoner-rap vibes that we all know and love.  

OBRIGADO is a little bit different from what you'd traditionally expect to hear from a rap duo from Toronto.  The city famous for heavy melodic trap and autotune isn't necessarily a hotbed of genre-bending alternative hip-hop.  Look for Lucas and Borges to change that stereotype, if "Hush" is anything like the music they have on the horizon.

Connect with OBRIGADO:  Spotify | Instagram | YouTube

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