Yung Dub D outstanding lyrical style leaves all hip-hop enthusiasts with a chaotic impression

image0-65-317x500 Yung Dub D outstanding lyrical style leaves all hip-hop enthusiasts with a chaotic impression

Kedric Dewon Battee, better known as Yung Dub D, was born in Dallas.  American-born rapper and producer Yung Dub D hails from the rap scene’s most recent generation. In addition, he is a modest man. His father’s name was Donald, and his middle name was Dewon; he felt that his dad was following him wherever he went, so he decided to honor him with the moniker Yung Dub D.

Some of Yung Dub D’s fans claim that his music makes them feel something with every line. As a musician, he finds motivation in the legacy that the late Michael Jackson left in the music industry through his many accomplishments. Yung Dub D finds motivation from Lil Wayne, a positive influence, and the musical genius Stevie.

Yung Dub D Music Artist Work

He could break into the rap scene because of his initiative and ability to forge strong bonds with those he met along the way. Because of his connections and the loss of his father when he was very young, he began rapping at an early age. He claims this is likely because he used to hang out with his ‘bros,’ They would go to everyone’s houses and sites and meet everybody.

Besides producing for himself, he has worked with musicians like Blastmen B (also known as Boo Boo Blastmen), KBzo, Lil Ron Da Don, and Foolie Deezy. He quietly emerged in 2012, but his songs ‘core’ and ‘I did’ brought him widespread attention in 2018. Those songs are really popular. He did music videos that got 130k views on YouTube and also has other videos that got thousands of views, such as ‘Bloodline,’ ‘in my head,’ ‘Hush,’ ‘codes,’ and ‘I can tell?’

Released song ‘core’

‘Core’ by Yung Dub D is high-octane, hard-hitting music. Yung Dub D’s natural rapping style is enthusiastic, and its melodic richness and rhythmic textures are highly engaging. Yung Dub D has established supremacy with his unsigned output and relentless grind. Yung Dub D has proven his mettle and gained the respect of his peers with the release of ‘Core.’

Released song ‘Hush’

Yung Dub D’s new music video for ‘Hush’ premiered on April 17 on YouTube. The addition of Vinnie Bones, another fantastic musician, makes the song much more enjoyable. The group has worked extremely hard to create a flawless rap song. Lyrics by Yung Dub set the tone early on, accompanied by some soft, smoky instrumentals. Substituting for Yung Dub, Vinnie Bones performs the second half of the song.

Released song ‘In My Head’

Song ‘In My Head,’ the rapper demonstrates the extraordinary rap talent that has earned him the title of “superstar” among his peers. The listener is easily impressed by the artist’s command of the performance, the tempo, the velocity, and, most significantly, the energy. As the song opens, the listener is treated to a series of interesting melodic bars over which the rapper easily drives his rap phrases. The song is instantly recognizable thanks to the catchy distinctive transition and his piercing, edgy voice that cuts right through the ear.

Yung Dub D Producing Beat ‘Get on Ya’

Independently produced ‘Get on Ya’ featured as a bonus track on Yung Nation’s ‘the university Album,’ He was previously associated with the widely recognized thug boss nation. He missed family functions or arrived late because he was always creating music.