You Have to Watch Rosalía’s Trippy ‘Motomami’ Performance on Your Phone

Rosalía’s TikTok performance in celebration of her album Motomami is a wild ride. The trippy, campy, strange video is now available to watch on YouTube — and it’s meant to be viewed from a mobile device since the camera spins from a wide view to a vertical view and flips around throughout.

“The contents change orientation, so it is recommended to lock screen orientation in settings and to hold the device with both hands,” a disclaimer reads at the start.

Rosalía begins her performance with “Saoko” as she dances with a crew of Motomamis (and papis) rocking motorcycle helmets. She then heads into a futuristic blue backdrop to sing “Candy” on her own.

The video transitions to the bachata track “La Fama” as Rosalía performs a snippet from the song in a red dress while wearing a chain-link necklace, before another screen shows the singer duetting with herself in thigh-high red boots as she sings The Weeknd’s part.

For “Bulería,” Rosalía showcases her perfect flamenco vocals as the screen turns completely upside-down before she shows off her flamenco moves while wearing a motorcycle helmet. (See the theme here?)

Then, she goes into “Chicken Teriyaki” — the TikTok-primed track with its dance-ready choreography and scooter-riding shots of the Spanish singer.

For “Hentai,” Rosalía simply plays with her phone and with the sand during the horny song dedicated to her boyfriend. For the playful “Bizcochito,” Rosalía is accompanied by two other dancers.  As the song ends, she walks out of the studio, removes her wig, and seems to send a video message to her boyfriend Rauw Alejandro.

“Amor, I think I need to film two or three more songs and I’ll be at home. I hope you’re well. I miss you!” she says before showing her boots and referring to some advice she got about rubbing anesthesia cream to prevent the pain. “These are killing me!”

Rosalía then performs “G3 N15” while sitting atop some stacked plastic chairs. (The video features a collage of clips, including a closeup of her eye where she sheds tears.)

Oh, and for the album’s title track, Rosalía rides a motorcycle made of humans. As for “Abcdefg,” she literally finds a word for each letter of the alphabet as she plays with her phone. Tokischa joins in for “La Combi Versace” in what appears to be a TikTok inside a TikTok.

During the post-breakup “Como Un G,” she’s protected by two muscular bodyguards as she sings the emotional track. Between songs, her dancers and friends seem to play with her phone. For “CUUUUuuuuuute,” the track transforms into a runway. The only LP tracks she skips in the performance are “Sakura” and “Delirio de Grandeza.”