Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion Follow Up “WAP” Success With New Single and Video “Bongos”

In a YouTube livestream conversation with Megan before the video’s premiere, Cardi told viewers, “[‘Bongos’ is] not really like ‘WAP,’ and the theme…of the photo shoot, we wanted to trick y’all. Because we actually wanted y’all to think it got like, ‘WAP’ element, but it don’t.”

Megan recalled, “I was so happy when I got the song because it doesn’t sound like anything that’s out right now, and I feel like it definitely challenged me to rap in a different way. ‘Cause I never rapped over a beat like this before, and I was like, ‘Oh, OK, she want me to go put my foot in this bitch. OK, I can do that for her. She want me to work for it, OK, here we go.’”

Meg also made sure to point out a “side note, outside of music.”

“For me as a person, I don’t really—this space that I’m in mentally, I’m not like fooling with too many people that don’t give me good vibes, good energy,” she told Cardi at the 17-minute mark below. “I have literally created boundaries. And Cardi is somebody that I want in my space, in my energy. … She been nothing but real to me. Like, the industry is so fucked up, but this girl is probably the only girl who have been this consistent and this real, and this—this just great of a person to me.”