Ye Says He Has ‘Issues’ With Jesus: ‘Them Prayers Ain’t Working’

“The main thing that really that I don’t rock with is it’s just always like, ‘I’mma pray for you.’ And it’s just like, you can actually physically do something yourself too, more than just pray,” Ye said. “We’re so in this mentality that that’s all that needs to happen but we ain’t praying our way out of prison. We ain’t praying our way out the abortion clinics. We ain’t praying our way to get our land back that was always ours after gentrification, after the Harlem Renaissance and Black Wall Street was burned to the ground. Them prayers ain’t working.”

Elsewhere, Ye pointed to a recent moment in his life during which he “had so much to do” that he “ain’t had time to pray.” As previously reported, the interview also sees the 24-time Grammy winner discussing the continued impact of his 808s & Heartbreak album at length while also naming multiple artists as direct examples of his influence. See more above.

At the 2021 Grammys, Ye took home Best Contemporary Christian Music Album for Jesus Is King. While the album is no doubt the most directly Christianity-focused of Ye’s catalog, it’s far (very far) from the first time matters of faith have taken on a starring role in his music. As far back as “Jesus Walks,” much of Ye’s most lauded work has not only explored feelings of faith and doubt, but has also provided the definitive soundtrack to the space between the two.

While the spirit of Vultures is decidedly different, its commercial success is on par with prior Ye entries. After spending back-to-back weeks atop the Billboard 200 albums chart, the first title in Ye and Ty’s planned trilogy is now at No. 3.