Trina Slams Allegations of Nicki Minaj Beef: ‘I Don’t Have Problems With Nobody’

“‘Cause she’s like the number one female rapper when she does rap,” said Trina with a laugh. “When you hear her do a song and it’s rapping involved, it’s just like, ‘Oh my god.’ It’s more inspiration.”

Minaj’s fanbase, the Barbz, didn’t take kindly to Trina’s perceived snub and made their thoughts known on social media. Fans of the Pink Friday 2 rapper widely regard her as the definitive “Queen of Rap,” and mentions of anyone other than Minaj in that title never ends well.

Trina defended her stance on Instagram, writing, “I really don’t give a rats ass how anybody feels, I said what I said .. that’s the Queen Bey and I’m gonna STAN on that. Beyoncé is the Queen of rap (when she raps) and all genres of music when it comes to me‼️ Go argue with the IRS or somebody else, I don’t care.”

The Barbz added more fuel to the fire when they resurfaced a video of the 2013 BMI Awards where Trina performed a cover of “Moment 4 Life.”