Torres Drops Prehistoric, Psychedelic Love Song ‘Hug From a Dinosaur’

Torres brings love to prehistoric heights in “Hug From a Dinosaur,” off her upcoming LP Thirstier.

The accompanying video features saturated, trippy colors, with images of dinosaurs ranging from Brontosaurus to Tyrannosaurus rex. Torres, a.k.a. Mackenzie Scott, sings across crunchy guitar riffs: “Truth is ancient and eternal and surreal as a hug from a dinosaur.”

“The title emerged from a dream I had,” Scott said in a statement. “The song’s theme is that truth is eternal, and it’s also about never stopping. To bring it back down to earth, the song’s also about being ready to drop everything to do something essential for someone you love. In this instance, it’s bringing my girlfriend lunch so she can keep painting.”

Thirstier, out July 30th, follows last year’s Silver Tongue. The album’s lead single “Don’t Go Puttin Wishes in My Head” was released last month. Scott will hit the road in support of the record in August.

“I’ve been conjuring this deep, deep joy that I honestly didn’t feel for most of my life,” Scott said of Thirstier. “I feel like a rock within myself. And I’ve started to feel that I have what it takes to help other people conjure their joy, too.”