Rich Amiri Keeps it Lowkey in “Salty” Video

With his sights set on stardom and an arsenal of versatile flows to help get him there, Rich Amiri is paving the way to a bright future. Returning ahead of his forthcoming project EVOLUTION, Rich shares his latest single, “Salty.” Over a persistent synth organ instrumental by Nick Mira, Thankyouwill & Taz Taylor, the track finds the Boston native keeping a watchful eye on his adversaries as he continues his rise: “I’m riding ‘round with a Glocky, watching my back, cause they tryna stop me.”

The Declan Kyle-directed video for “Salty” paints a picture of the heights Rich aims to reach and the measures he’s willing to take to assure he arrives there safely. Sitting in the dilapidated, brick-lined garage of a high-rise building next to his jet-black Rolls-Royce, Amiri treats the hideout like Batman arriving at his cave. As the song progresses, Amiri begins his rise, cautiously entering a run-down elevator before reaching the building’s rooftop, overlooking the cold city streets like his own personal Gotham. “Salty” follows the high-flying video for EVOLUTION single “Poppin” ft. Lil Tecca, which has over 1.2 million Spotify streams since its late February release.

“Salty” and “Poppin” continue a period of continued forward momentum for the busy, Boston-born rapper. Starting with his 2021 hit Never Fail,” which recently surpassed 3 million streams on SoundCloud, Amiri shared a consistent stream of underground hits. In June, the rapper shared For The Better, his debut project. Featuring appearances from SSGKobeSummrs, and others, the 8-song effort showcased Amiri’s beyond-his-years maturity and sharp songwriting, while Internet Money helped craft a soundscape that suited his inimitable voice. For the rest of the year, Amiri kept busy with a series of singles and videos, including the chest-thumping, Cxdy & Taz Taylor-produced single Can’t Die,” the irresistible “Dirty Money,” the rage-heavy two-pack “ruthless” and “trouble,” and the soulful slow jam Keep All That.”

With the respect of his peers, co-signs from heavy hitters like Internet Money and Lil Tecca, and a fast-growing fanbase, Rich Amiri prepares to rise to mainstream recognition. Stay tuned for much more from the rising star in the near future.

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