Taylor Swift Shares ‘Anti-Hero’ Song Title From ‘Midnights’

Tick tock, tick tock (or should we say, TikTok), it’s time once again for another late-night Taylor Swift song title reveal as Swifties count down the days to the release of her highly anticipated Midnights. The LP is set to arrive on Oct. 21.

As Sunday slipped into Monday, Swift shared a new “Midnights Mayhem With Me” episode, where she has been revealing the names of the tracks that make up her 10th studio album. For each episode, Swift spins an old-school bingo cage, and fate drops a ball featuring a tracklist number and then she unveils the corresponding song title. Sunday turned up Track Three and the song is called “Anti-Hero.”

With “Anti-Hero,” she has unveiled six song titles of the 13 that will appear on Midnights. Last week, she shared Track Two “Maroon” and Track Six “Midnight Rain.” She previously dropped the song names “Question…?,” “Vigilante Shit,” and “Mastermind.”

In addition to her song title reveals, Swift has recently shared that the artwork on the four distinctly colored vinyl pressings of Midnights combine to assemble a clock and teased the return of frequent collaborator Jack Antonoff in a video captioned “The making of Midnights.”