Support Black Jewelz Who Launches The 100 Songs In 1 Year GOFUNDME Campaign

Hailing from New Haven, Connecticut, Julius Ferguson performing  by his stage name Black Jewelz, is an American hip hop recording artist. Black Jewelz is dropping an extraordinary project that includes releasing 100 singles in one year. 

As the press release notes, Putting up hundreds of thousands of streams and views with his previous releases and earning the endorsement of prestigious publications, Black Jewelz is well on his way to the very top, ready to launch his most ambitious project to date; to release 100 songs within 1 year in the form of multiple albums, EPs and singles. 

His ability to transform and share personal and relatable experiences effortlessly turning them into empowering and slick urban anthems powered by his prodigious vocal performances combined with his hard working mindset give him all the tools to succeed. The exciting and ever-evolving urban creative is confidently starting this post-pandemic era with a mission to share his vision as an artist with the world.

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