Drake Says ‘For All the Dogs’ Is ‘Coming Real Soon,’ Might Reveal Release Date This Weekend

Drake has provided fans with another update regarding the forthcoming release of his new album, For All the Dogs.

On Friday, during the latest stop of his It’s All A Blur Tour in Las Vegas, Drizzy assured fans that his next full-length offering is “coming real soon,” adding that he might announce the official release date at his concert in Vegas on Saturday.

“I know y’all worried about this album like you think I’mma wait till like next year to drop this shit,” the Canadian star told the crowd. “I promise you, I’m not. I promise you. I got a album coming out called For All the Dogs. It’s like—I know I say this a lot, it’s real close I, I, I might give you the date in Vegas maybe tomorrow night, I don’t know. I gotta go listen to it one more time. It’s coming. It’s coming real soon.”