Steve Stoute Talks Jay-Z and Dame Dash Fallout, Dame Says He ‘Had to Smack the Sh*t’ Out of Stoute ‘A Couple Years Ago’

Stoute added that Dame would get upset if any of his employees went to meet with other executives or if he went away and returned to find his various businesses in disarray. According to Stoute, Dame didn’t have the luxury to leave whenever he wanted and assume his businesses were good, when in reality they weren’t run efficiently.

“While he was ‘building businesses,’ which partly he was, he would go off all around the world with cameras and girls and all kinds of crazy shit, and then come back flipping out on everybody. … Bro, you didn’t build a business that was so operationally tight that you could just go away and come back, and shit would just be the same and all that shit,” Stoute recalled.

He added, “Jay grew up. You know, Jay wanted more, I think Jay seen Dame’s ceiling. I mean, I think that’s really what it was. … He wanted more, and everybody wanted more.”

Stoute said Dame is “very very smart, very talented” and “far from stupid,” but with an “ego through the roof, so there was no working with him.”

Posting a clip of the interview on Instagram, Dame told his 1.3 million followers, “This is the reason I had to smack the shit out of @stevestoute a couple years ago…because he’s always speaking on other men’s business. good thing I’ve evolved.”