Sexyy Red Goes Full Blown Emo, Jokingly Sings ‘I Wanna Kill My Mom, I Wanna Kill My Baby Dad’

Is the Hood’s Hottest Princess looking to make a pivot to become the Hood’s Hottest Emo Queen? Probably not, but the thought alone is hilarious.

Speaking of labels, Sexyy recently spoke to Billboard about how she doesn’t agree with her music being categorized as “pussy rap.” 

“I don’t agree with that, because why is that the only thing you heard me talking about?” Sexyy Red told Billboard’s Kyle Denis. 

“That’s the only thing that you got out of everything I just said? You just heard me say ‘coochie’? I hate when they say that. I just rap about my daily life. Girls that live like me, I just rap about what we go through. I don’t sit and talk about coochie all day.”

Sexyy is currently pregnant with her second child. Per a recent update, the rapper said she’s “ready to pop” soon.