Scarface Recalls 2Pac Playing Cop Prank on Him During First Visit to LA: ‘He Just Blew My F**king High’

2Pac once pulled a prank on Scarface that the Houston rap legend still remembers to this day.

The Geto Boys member recalled the hilarious moment during a recent performance on his Behind the Desk Experience tour, while performing his 1997 classic “Mary Jane.” After wrapping up the marijuana-inspired song, Scarface paid tribute to his late friend, who pretended to be a cop during Scarface’s first visit to Los Angeles.

“First time I got to California, I’m in LA, smoking LA weed. We ain’t ever had no shit like this before,” he said. “I’m living in Burbank and recording the Untouchable album. It’s my first time getting high with some LA chronic.”

He continued, “My homeboy pull up on me man; he got a black Hummer with a fucking siren and loudspeaker on it. I’m in my apartment in Burbank high as fuck for the first time ever, and they come up and they go, ‘Brad Jordan, we know you’re in there, come out with your hands up.’”