Saucy Santana Shoots Shot at Gilbert Arenas After He Compliments Twerk Video: ‘U My Baby Daddy’

Saucy Santana is shooting his shot at Gilbert Arenas, days after the former NBA player roasted Nick Young for his friendship with the Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta star.

Earlier this month, Arenas mocked Young for being friends with Santana during a conversation on Gilbert’s No Chill podcast. Saucy subsequently called out Arenas for suggesting he and Young couldn’t be friends due to Santana’s sexuality as a gay man.

Arenas and Santana’s narrative took an unexpected turn on Sunday, when Gilbert praised Saucy’s twerking skills after seeing a viral video of him dancing.

“It threw me off. I never seen somebody with nails and the beard,” Arenas said with a grin. “And then when I hit the video, twerk. … I’m not gon’ lie, if I had to rate between who’s better, him or Megan Thee Stallion, I don’t know who I’ma throw my dollars to, dawg. A good show is a good show.”

Arenas continued, “Hey Sauce, listen: I got rules. You can’t talk, and you can’t look at me. … How do you supposed to get a lap dance from the dude, and you straight? … All I’m saying is, it was twerking just a little better than Megan Thee Stallion, kinda caught me off guard. Like wait, I had to double back to make sure it’s the same person.”