SAFETY CLUB shine in debut single “JUICE” [Video Premiere]

Bringing a hard-hitting and unexpected fusion of Brockhampton, Amine, and Justin Timberlake, the Australian duo SAFETY CLUB are pushing the boundaries of modern sound. Their debut single “JUICE” oozes charisma with punchy, yet silky-smooth lyrics throughout.

Over a speaker-pumping trap beat, rapper Ronnie Sinclair flawlessly weaves in and out between eye-opening reflective lyrics and tongue-in-cheek one-liners that'll have you laughing off of your seat. Producer Shan keeps listeners on their toes by layering extensive twists and turns over a futuristic Chicago hip-hop beat. In their own words, the duo describes the track as “the perfect soundtrack for driving a Toyota Prius at barely legal speeds to your divorce court hearing”.

Inspired by the opening scene of the class film Snatch, their accompanying music video only compounds on the wild lyrical content and delivery. 

Even though their persona may seem outrageous to some, it's clear their music is anything but. With influences spreading across the globe, SAFETY CLUB brings a unique Australian perspective to what the future of hip-hop could be. Make sure to look out for new music coming soon from this incredibly talented duo. 

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