Ron Suno Reaches the Top of NY in His New “TONY” Video

0 Ron Suno Reaches the Top of NY in His New "TONY" Video

Bringing a boisterous and danceable style out of the outer boroughs, Ron Suno is on a mission to make drill fun. Proving that his chaotic crusade has been a success, Ron shares “TONY,” his new music video, directed by his frequent collaborator Benny Max. Marked by eerie string melodies, sliding 808s, and hyperactive snares, “TONY” is a braggadocious banger, which lists the myriad reasons why he’s the King of The Bronx: “Imma just clutch from the grill like I’m Kobe/Your body gon’ jump cause I shoot like Ginobili.” In the video, Ron decks himself out in Burberry and Amiri as he performs for a sold-out crowd before heading backstage with a gaggle of his closest friends to get sturdy. “TONY” is a highlight track from Ron’s new project SUNO MODE, following clips for the Money Man-featuring “DCH,” the Jersey club-inflected banger “ONE NIGHT” and the NYC drill posse cut “SALLY” ft. Kyle Richh, TaTa, and Jenn Carter.

Already a proven inspiration to the youth with the project’s viral single, “What They Gon Say” (over 24 million Spotify streams and 13 million YouTube views) and its Rowdy Rebel-featuring remix, SUNO MODE elevates Ron’s infectious energy to new heights. Whether he’s blending his Bronx drill sound with familiar favorites on “OH LETS DO IT” or letting his refreshingly reflective side shine on “FALL OFF,” the fast-paced project progresses without a dull moment. The new project is home to “SHOES” ft. DUSTY LOCANE & Rah Swish (2.4 million+ views), a showcase for New York’s sturdiest steppers.

“I turned a switch on, unleashing a new power,” says Ron. “I think about video games, and how there’s a mode you have to get in and it can make you invincible. When I’m in SUNO MODE, I’m invincible.”

With the BX on his shoulders and the world in his hands, keep an eye on Ron while he’s in SUNO MODE all year long.