Reks re-educates the listeners on “Miss Education” [Video]

After sharing his candid thoughts on the clandestine activities of big Pharma and dropping his thought-provoking LP, T.H.I.N.G.S., Reks  returns to the fore with the visuals for the song “Miss Education.” The track breaks down the ways the modern education system could hold back the brightest young minds. The record starts off with a snippet from the cult classic film Lean On Me before switching into a hard-hitting bop. Reks runs down the many issues with the modern education system as he spits “Excuse me, come again, I don’t understand, you took points off ’cause I used a colored pen?/Damn, guess that’s rules of engagement, just a couple textbooks removed from the slave ships.” He poetically looks at how we are forced to follow funny rules and regulations while pointing out the discriminatory elements.

The visuals feature the directorial work of Logos Films and Impunity Films who help bring the song’s theme to life with a vivid aesthetic. It shows the Massachusetts emcee outlining each and every problem he sees with the education system, and how important it is to re-learn so many things later in life. But he also recognizes that it’s not easy for anyone to do that, especially when you’re repeatedly told you’re wrong and unfairly marginalized.

“Miss Education” is taken from Rek’s latest album, T.H.I.N.G.S., which is available on all digital platforms here. Limited vinyl copies can also be purchased here.

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