Rapper and CEO Ahemn Encourages People To Stand Up

Hip-hop mogul Ahmen is preparing to drop his next single, “AIYIYO,” the second single off his upcoming album, Per Aspera Ad Astra, dropping later this year. Some people sit back and wait their turn without ever trying to take the first step – Ahmen is not one of those people, stating, “Growing up, I learned how to write and perform my own music, and that evolved into channeling my music as a catalyst for others to discover and elevate their voices.”

“I love the feeling of walking into a room and catching people off guard. They see a Sri Lankan man with thick-framed glasses and expect one thing, but they hear me and all they can say is: damn… bars. ‘AIYIYO’ embodies that energy and raises every bar to a new level.” – Ahmen

When not onstage, Mohan Sivaloganathan, aka Ahmen, can be found embodying that idea of propelling oneself forward and working towards a better future with his education-focused non-profit. As the CEO of Our Turn, an organization focused on fighting for the accessibility to quality education, Ahmen is constantly aware of his presence as a leader. Our Turn has activated young changemakers in 35 states, secured the endorsement of 20+ social justice institutions and influencers, and has been featured in Teen Vogue, Huffington Post, Fast Company, The 74, and more. He hopes to inspire young individuals of all backgrounds to stand up for equality in education. Through his music and company, Ahmen continues to expand his reach and share his message with people across the country. Drawing from influences like Tupac with his activism-focused lyrics and Kobe Bryant with his intensely focused drive to achieve success, Ahmen pours himself into creating music that speaks to people.

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