Radiohead Go Businessman-Hunting in New Video for ‘If You Say the Word’

Radiohead have paired their unearthed Kid A/Amnesiac song “If You Say the Word” with a new video directed by Norwegian filmmaker Kasper Häggström.

The visual features a group of men who go on the hunt to abduct people in black suits gazing out into nature; upon capture, the well-attired businesspeople are forced onto a truck, given briefcases and deposited back in the city, where they’re forced to resume their everyday life of making the wheels of capitalism spin. 

“If You Say the Word” is among the unreleased material that features on the upcoming Kid A Mnesia, which pairs the original two LPs — Kid ARolling Stone’s Number One album of the 2000s, and Amnesiac — with a third disc, dubbed Kid Amnesiae, that features outtakes, alternate versions, and unreleased music from the albums’ fruitful studio sessions. 

The reissue, available to preorder now ahead of its November 5th release, also features a studio rendition of the fan-favorite “Follow Me Around,” a retooled version of “Fog” (a B-side that band was never completely happy with), a third “In the Dark” take on “Morning Bell” (the link between the two albums, as Kid A and Amnesiac both feature different versions of the song), “Like Spinning Plates (‘Why Us?’ Version), a trio of mysterious “Untitled” songs, an alternate version of the B-side “Fast Track,” and more.

The band also recently announced their digital Kid A Mnesia Exhibition, an “upside-down digital/analog universe” based on Thom Yorke and Stanley Donwood’s original artwork and featuring audio design by Nigel Godrich. The project will be released on PlayStation 5, Mac, and PC this November.

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