Trump Lashes Out at Kaitlan Collins With Recycled ‘Nasty’ Barb

Trump leveling a sexist attack against a woman who disagrees with him? Whomst among us could have seen it coming? 

Donald Trump employed his preferred moniker for women he doesn’t like against CNN’s Kaitlan Collins, who hosted a town hall with the former president on Wednesday. When Collins attempted to pin down an answer from Trump regarding his retention of classified documents following his departure from the presidency, he lashed out —  calling her “nasty.”  

“Can I talk? Do you mind?” Trump said to Collins. 

“I would like for you to answer the question, that’s why I asked it,” she replied. 

“It’s very simple — you’re a nasty person, I’ll tell you,” the former president interjected to laughter from the crowd, which had been stocked with 400 Republican and “Republican-leaning” potential voters. 

Collins is not the first woman Trump has called “nasty.” She joins the ranks of former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Meghan Markle, Vice President Kamala Harris, former CNN White House Correspondent April Ryan, and of course, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton — who ran against Trump in 2016. 

Trump’s sexist behavior extends far beyond verbal attacks against women. On Tuesday, the president was found liable for sexual battery against author E. Jean Carroll in a civil trial brought forth by the author. Trump mocked Carroll during the town hall and stood by his infamous “grab them by the pussy” comments. 

“You would like me to take that back, I can’t take it back because it happens to be true. I’ve said it’s been true for 1 million years, approximately 1 million years, perhaps a little longer than that,” he said.  


After the town hall aired, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez called out CNN for platforming Trump and letting him lie to a national audience for nearly an hour and a half.

“What we saw tonight was a series of extremely irresponsible decisions that put a sexual abuse victim at risk, that put that person at risk in front of a national audience,” Ocasio-Cortez said to MSNBC host Alex Wagner during a Wednesday night appearance on the network. “And I could not have disagreed with it more. It was shameful.”