One Last “Old News” from Heath240’s summer-drenched R&B jam

Heath240 releases just the right soundtrack to capture hopeless romantic pursuits and sickeningly sweet summer flings. His latest single “Old News” has an infectious, throwback R&B kind of hook that will have this track playing on repeat all year. Everything about the song is minimal but highly effective. With straightforward lyricism, layered with self-deprecating but honest confessions, “Old News” is easy on the ear. Between pop-leaning guitar riffs and a steady but playful beat, Heath240’s vocal flows ever so fluently between stanzas and lines.


The music video of “Old News,” directed by the film school dropout Heath240 himself, carries the same nonchalant, dreamy attitude in its visual directions. A timeless aesthetic reminiscent of super 8 and analog film, the purposefully dated quality of the music video reiterates the lost cost of an “Old News.” Whether it is the catchy track or the accompanying cinematic video, “Old News” demands a temporary escapism mentality filled with lovesick and loveless thoughts.

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