Nicki Minaj Claims Megan Thee Stallion Told Her Team Not to Approve Beat for “Big Foot” Track: ‘She Don’t Want That Song Out’

Nicki continued her X rant by threatening to “empty da clip” should Megan “do so much as BREATHE wrong” following the forthcoming release of “Big Foot.” In addition, Minaj claims she has 5 extra tracks filled with “receipts” relating to Megan.

“If that p***y ass hoe deny 1THING I say, I’m posting every fkn receipt known to man. 5. Yes you heard me! Did 5 extra songs. We’ve been waiting on u HO.”

Minaj ended her rant by reiterating her frustration with Megan’s attempts to sabotage the release of “Big Foot.”

“Her team didn’t want me to drop b/c they know those numbers gon embarrass her lying lypo ass. and SHE know I got proof of what SHE DID! And after how she allowered HER BEST GIRL FRIEND TO BE BULLIED, ATTACKED & RIPPED TO SHREDS WHILE KELSEY WAS PREGNANT W/ HER FIRST CHILD??? After she had FUCKED HER BEST FRIEND MAN?!?!?!”

She added, “Don’t want me to drop b/c she gotta have a ghost writing session for another week to get back to me!”

Check out the rest of Nicki’s tweets below.