Mya Project Shares First Track From Dystopia Titled “Rain”

Dalila Mya, the mastermind behind Mya Project returns with the single “Rain.” The new track, which comes off the singer-songwriter’s upcoming album Dystopia, is accompanied by an insightful music video that unfolds the story of a homeless veteran and his dog. 

Directed by Mya herself, the visuals were inspired by the community of homeless people in Dalila’s neighborhood. “You might be surprised by the depth and profound wisdom of certain people living on the streets,” says the artist. 

The role of the veteran is played by acclaimed British actor Harwood Gordon. Mya explains, “In the video there’s a parallel between his story, his sadness, his regrets – and mine. No matter where we live, how we live, what we do for a living. we’re all human beings. with feelings, dreams, regrets, hopes and empathy.”

Speaking of the new releases, Mya reveals, “‘Rain’ is one of the first songs I wrote for my new album, and the very first one I was completely satisfied with. It came out all together on a rainy night while I was working in my studio. I was feeling a little depressed for personal reasons, and I felt like the rain outside was helping me clear up my mind. It’s a reminder for everyone that no matter how hard life can be – our strength as human beings is the ability to get back on our feet and never give up on ourselves.”

Ever since the launch of her electro acoustic music project, Mya has had the chance to work with amazing artists from all over the world. She has integrated those influences into her songs, transmitting the utmost sonic experience. With “Rain” she asserts her musicality and lyricism, “We have lost connection – again/ Shaking earth/ Unexpected shock/ Life is what you ask for only sometimes fearless thoughts of mental revolution you won’t change/ changing all the familiar patterns giving away/ all you can be all you have been through is it that real?”

Watch the official video for “Rain” here:

Listen to “Rain” on Spotify:

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