Lenny Kravitz Takes a Romantic Road Trip in 'Ride' Video

Lenny Kravitz has shared a romantic new for “Ride,” an album track off his latest LP Raise Vibration.

Directed by Mark Seliger, the clip was filmed in a loft apartment in Paris and around the countryside in Senlis, France. Kravitz travels with a love interest, exploring the sights and writing music together. “I have loved you since the dawn, my love,” Kravitz sings. “Through the storm, my love/We will ride.”

Kravitz says of the visual’s production, “We shot this video months ago in France before we could have imagined what life would be like today. After listening to the song with Mark we had a vision of expressing the song through portraying the characters of the writer and the spirit.”

Raise Vibration was released in 2018. Earlier this month in a tribute to the late Little Richard, Kravitz recalled to Rolling Stone how the rock & roll architect inspired his own music: “He was fearless in a time where there was a lot to be fearful of. To be that bold, to be that flamboyant, to be that original, he didn’t care what would happen or what the results would be. He was just on a path. He knew who he was.”