Mighloe has emerged from ‘Desperate Times’ with a profound sense of purpose

Mighloe has uncovered the depths of her true self on her new EP, Desperate Times. The Toronto singer-songwriter takes us through each page of her diary for an intimate look into her past, present and future. Some pages are marked by fallen tears and ink stains, while others are just shreds of paper left after tearing out the chapters she wished she could forget. Produced by Dean Vision and LateNightDrive, Desperate Times is a layered rollercoaster of emotions–a juxtaposition of light, airy feels mingled with cryptic messages.

The EP opens up with the hazy “Stolen Paradise”. The magnetic pull of the song’s sticky guitar harmonies lure us in as Mighloe lulls us into serenity. Her cotton candy vocals melt into our ears before it’s rosy vibes slow down and warp. Dizzy from going around and around on a carousel, we get a peek into the beauty and pain inside of Mighloe’s world.

“Stolen Paradise” blossoms into the darker-toned, but equally captivating “Cruel”. Paired with a somber visual, Mighloe sets her stage in the middle of a forest. Casually perched on a couch surrounded by nature, she creates a literal living room. Adorned in a white dress and pearls, it's evident that new beginnings are on the horizon. Birds chime in as she croons about finding the strength to walk away from a toxic love over the soft rock beat. Sparing no emotion, her voice swoops like the birds above. Her impassioned cries can be heard from the forest’s valleys to its treetops as Mighloe embraces the highs and lows of standing by her own side.

A series of realizations that arose from unlikely situations, the EP progresses with contemplative alt-R&B melodies. As she transposes experiences from her memory to the mic, Mighloe makes it clear she is no damsel in distress. On songs like “Don't Call Me”, she lights a match, sets ablaze her past hurt, and then watches it go down in flames. From a ballerina stuck in a music box to a dancer marching to the beat of her own drum, Mighloe has learned to stop performing for the approval of others. She’s a treasure, indeed, and her talents will no longer be commodified and controlled. She has found her own voice throughout bleak moments on Desperate Times and she is proud in it.

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