Merci, Mercy pours her heart out on, “Too Easy” [Video]

Alternative artist Merci, Mercy is slowly creeping her way onto the Indie scene at 19 only years old. Being so young, one would think that she doesn’t have much to share, but she is wise beyond her years, telling stories unimaginable to most. Most of her storytelling comes from her diverse background as she lived in both Bejing and Thailand growing up. She now resides in Australia where she is continuing to grow in both musical skill and character. She has just released her sophomore EP, is it me, or is it you which features the astonishing track, “Too Easy”.

Merci, mercy is brutally honest and open on this track. She speaks about her internal battle, dealing with a difficult lover. The track starts with a beautiful piano melody and then transforms with the addition of electronic frequencies and sharp precision. In the chorus, there are synths added, and the song breaks for a moment and listeners just hear a simple guitar strum. Throughout the song, she sings of a troubled love because she is, “loving someone who doesn’t care”, and there are “too many reasons to stay or go”. Even though she is in a relationship, she feels alone, and as a result, would rather hurt her partner than have them hurt her first.

Merci, mercy took to Instagram to share about the track, telling fans that it is about, “being insecure in a relationship”. She additionally released a lyric video for fans to indulge in, which was created by artist Madeline Randall. The rising star has a promising future through her honest lyricism and relatable aesthetic. It will be exciting to watch her fanbase grow along with her songwriting talents.

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