Meghan Trainor Fulfills Dream of Becoming a Teacher By Giving Jennifer Hudson a Lesson in TikTok

Meghan Trainor fulfilled her forgotten dream of becoming a teacher during a recent appearance on the Jennifer Hudson Show. Already exuding the energy of a supportive art teacher who lets her students eat lunch in her classroom, the singer schooled the host in a newly-minted curriculum: TikTok dances.

On her own TikTok account, which boasts over 12 million followers, Trainor has made viral videos dancing with everyone from JoJo Siwa to TikTok star Britney Broski and Pentatonix’s Scott Hoying. Hudson, however, was most interested in learning the quick, mirrored dance the singer whipped up for her latest single, “Make It Look Easy.”

Trainor counts her off with a simple enough three-parter: side to side, body roll, throw it back. “I think I’m ready, you’re a good teacher,” Hudson tells her, and the singer’s expression lights up like no greatest compliment in the world exists.

During her visit, Trainor also let Hudson in on a few more strategic lessons, including the method behind the madness of keeping some of her biggest song plaques in her bathroom. “I write for a lot of artists, and I put plaques up in the bathroom of every song that I wrote because I know my guests will have to pee eventually,” she explained. “They come back, and they’re like, I didn’t know you did that!”

She finds it far less intense than having them scattered throughout the house, adding: “It’s pressure for myself, but when I go pee, I’m like, ah, we did that.”