Alisha Liston Has A New Show-Stopper Out: “Paint on a Cloud”

Alisha Liston is a lot of things, and her singing career is sure to be on top of that list. The singer, songwriter, actress, and aerialist has just released a brand new single titled “Paint on a Cloud.”

The song is a delightful rendition of her talent with hues of pop that shift between bright and melancholy spirits. Her enthralling vocals are just the right dose of power that will make the track a sure-fire hit.

Alisha has previously co-written and released four singles, rendering her a definite must-follow artist of her era. She is currently working on her first EP titled “Beautiful Illusion” due soon. Designed and created in sheer beauty, the track “Paint on a Cloud” sets the young artist in the spotlight.

Her emerging creative ideas and aura are definitely setting her apart from the crowds and creating much of a ruckus around her name.

Listen to “Paint on a Cloud” down below.

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