Meekoh delivers an ode to the love of his life on “From The River”

Indie-folk artist Meekoh releases heart-felt single “From The River,” a soothing ode to the love of his life and everything  love has given him . Led by his velvety vocals, the intricate offering weaves laid-back guitars with emotive lyrics in the joyful burst of melodic soundscapes. Tapping into his knack for sincere and honest song writing, “From The River,” highlights Meekoh’s ability to seamlessly blend genres to craft a delicate sonic world.

Written during the pandemic, the quietly impactful song takes us along on the journey that he and his lover embarked upon, moving from the bustle of LA to a quaint cottage in Jacksonville, Oregon.Inspired by this move, undertaken to protect the health of his loved one, who suffers from Cystic Fibrosis, the track is optimistic yet built on intimacy and vulnerability.

With folky acoustic sensibilities, lush strings and sweeping piano, “From The River,” is the kind of song that can be played endlessly, each note infused with peace and serenity. Accompanied by a cinematic video directed by the singer-songwriter himself, the calming vibes are aided by vivid narratives to truly root us in Meekoh’s charming artistry.

Having begun his musical journey over a decade ago with busking, this indie artist’s music is a constantly evolving blend of indie folk, reggae, pop, and Latin music all anchored by poetic song writing and carefully made harmonies. From the streets to packed bars, and then to sold out festivals and national tours, Meekoh’s journey has been one that has been on the upward trajectory for several years – and with the smooth style of his latest offering is an another notch in a career led by passion and humility.

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