Mase Recalls Being Scammed by a Former Business Manager: ‘He Ran Off With Everybody Money’

Mase recently had some words for Shannon Sharpe, who called him a gangster pastor. Last week, the former Bad Boys Records artist took time out of It Is What It Is to call out Sharpe for acting differently with Black people but not having the same energy when Skip Bayless gave him friction.

“Listen, Shannon. I’m not the one to play with,” Mase said. “Matter of fact, I’m not even going to take that road, I’m going to take a different road with you. Listen, let me start with respect and let me end with class, okay? You started out being very aggressive with Ja Morant’s pops at a Laker game. If you are for Black people, this is not the way to carry yourself.”

He continued, “You wanted to be tough with Mike Epps and you settled quicker than Diddy and Cassie. You want to be aggressive with me, right? Listen, you showed poise, respect, wherewithal, resolve, compassion, reverence for Skip Bayless, why are you so aggressive anytime somebody Black say something? The man said, ‘Put your glasses on!’ And you put your glasses back on! Don’t play with me, put your glasses back on, Shannon.”