Lil Yachty Vows to Spend 2024 ‘Wearing Silly Hats’ After Getting Trolled for His Latest Choice

Last week the “Poland” MC was named Complex’s No. 1 best-dressed rapper of 2023. For our ranking, Mike DeStefano pointed out that “most importantly, no matter what [Yachty] puts on, he wears it well. That’s not something everyone can say.” So the hats shouldn’t be an issue.

Boat’s sartorial talents have also inspired a TikTok trend about how to dress like him.

Music-wise for 2023, Yachty’s Let’s Start Here landed at No. 10 on Complex’s best albums list, and “Strike (Holster)” is at No. 4 for our 50 best songs ranking—though it’s not his only appearance on the latter list.

Here are some of the best reactions to Lil Yachty’s latest hat choice, courtesy of Twitter, allegedly known to some as “X.”