Lil Jon’s ‘Total Meditation’ Album Has Arrived

“Once I turned 50, a lot of things started to happen,” he told the outlet. “I started going through a divorce. I’m separated right now. Going through that and all of the emotions of the divorce—anger and frustration and all of the ups and downs—I found meditation to calm me and to bring me more at peace; to look at life and situations in a different manner. I really got into meditating and saying my affirmations every day and also into manifestation. All of that tied together.”

He continued, “Part of the reason I want to do this project is [because] people that look like me and then people that look at me like, ‘Oh, this crazy party guy,’ [are] going to listen to me in a different manner than they would like a doctor or their mom or their dad. They relate to me a little bit more.”

Lil Jon said he started to prioritize his health several years ago and ditched traditional medicine in favor of holistic treatments and preventative care. As part of his health kick, Lil Jon began researching binaural music, an “auditory phenomenon” that purportedly promotes relaxation and positivity.

After seeing the benefits of binaural beats, Lil Jon connected with Kabir Sehgal, a producer/best-selling author who helped create the Total Meditation album. 

“I kind of told [Sehgal] what was going on in my life and we put together this guided meditation project,” he continued. “Actually, we got six, seven albums worth of stuff.”

You can stream Total Meditation now on all major platforms, including Apple Music and Spotify.