Lil Baby Appears to Diss Gunna, Saying ‘F*ck the Rats’ When DJ Plays “Drip Too Hard”

The account @gunnafandom tweeted that the video supposedly dates back to “the beginning of [Lil Baby’s] tour,” which would likely be the It’s Only Us Tour that started in late July. Concert tracking sites like Songkick and don’t indicate that he’s played any shows in the last couple weeks, though the latter says he performed the Gunna collab “Close Friends” at a Dubai gig on Nov. 3.

In early June, Gunna denied speculation that he dissed Lil Baby on “Bread & Butter,” his first song since accepting a plea deal in the YSL RICO case. An unreleased track from Lil Baby surfaced later that month in which the rapper took a not-so-subtle jab at his Drip Harder collaborator.

“N***as taking pleas, I know that Slime ain’t happy,” Baby can be heard saying in the snippet.

If this newly circulated video actually occurred towards the beginning of the It’s Only Us Tour in either July or August, it’s likely that Lil Baby was still carrying a bit of resentment toward Gunna. The question is, does he still feel this way? He has yet to address the clip, and ditto for Gunna.