Rick Ross on Having a Heart Attack, Abusing Lean: ‘I Partied Hard’

Rick Ross had to get his body right after being in poor health.

In a new interview with Rolling Stone, the 47-year-old discussed his 2018 heart attack.

“I had to make some big changes,” he said when asked what he did to become healthier. “I still don’t sleep. I’m a partier. I’m gonna be that way till I die. I’ve tried taking things to help, but it’s useless. The medicine that I take now is for seizures and shit like that. I partied hard.”

One of his habits was drinking lean, which led to seizures.

“When you have a seizure, you wake up six hours later like, ‘Where am I?’ I still don’t want to sleep. I lay down for two or three hours, but then I’ll get up. Six hours is good for me. An hour is a wonderful nap for me. If I lay down for an hour, I can get up and play a football game.”

He shared that while he’s “never had diabetes,” he’s had to “completely cut out sodas.” He also revealed that he isn’t on Ozempic—the diabetes drug that everyone in Hollywood is taking to lose weight.

“One of my worst habits was, I’d be up in the middle of the night eating T-bone steaks and ordering Waffle House. The chef would make some shit for us at 2 a.m., and we’d want spaghetti, lasagna, and some lamb chops, and some garlic rolls—for no reason. And that’s what we’re eating in the middle of the night! So, for me to get up to 350 pounds, once I stopped that, I’m fittin’ to chill.”

Reports surfaced in March 2018 that Rozay was in the hospital for respiratory treatment related to pneumonia. He had experienced a period of heavy breathing, which was said at the time to be “heart-related.”

In 2017, Ross appeared on Dr. Oz, where he talked about back-to-back seizures he endured while flying in 2011. “I went hard,” he said. “It didn’t seem as bad to me because the majority of the time I would be putting in work. The other time I would be partying, and the rest of the time it kind of blended. And that went on for years and years and years. I just developed those certain patterns.”

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