Lani Renaldo's “help!” is a daring bedroom pop single [Video]

Singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer Lani Renaldo has returned with an important new single about the perils of mental health struggles. Entitled "help!", the track details the artist's past experiences with anxiety and depression as well as coming to terms with their gender identity as gender fluid.

"help!" is a captivating alt pop single highlighting distorted moody guitar riffs over a lofi hip hop beat and Renaldo's warm vocals. The track is a chilling undercurrent of Renaldo's hopelessness felt at the time fueled by hazy soundscapes and pitch black bass. The artist shares, "I didn’t feel like myself, I wasn’t on medication, I was going through really big changes in terms of my gender and identity and now trying to figure out who I was outside of a relationship.” The singer hopes their music will act as a catalyst for listeners to know they are not alone when they feel sad and are going through a difficult time. Renaldo further realizes that these tough and trying times led to the self growth that was needed in order for them to truly embrace their identity. Further confiding, "The songs are heavy but I think the light at the end of the tunnel has been really finding myself through the music and being able to come to terms with my identity as a non-binary person, wanting to change my name and wanting to physically change things about myself. That was all a part of this journey."

"help!" is the first single of the year for the Los Angeles based songwriter who has been crafting their own music since 2019. The artist has found success opening for the likes of Alessia Cara at the AMAs and Halsey at the Shrine. Known for their riveting releases discussing everything from finding hope in difficult times to coming to terms with one's own sexuality and identity, and navigating mental health issues, "help!" continues Renaldo's impressive musical journey.

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