King Von’s Alleged Killer Had His Charges Dropped, Here’s Why

What happens next?

This could likely be the end of the ongoing saga involving the murder of King Von, especially considering authorities closed the case in 2020 following the arrest of Lul Tim. In the hours that have passed since Tim’s charges were dropped, the rapper released a song and music video called “Left a Stain” where he raps about the verdict of the case. “Just got a collect call from new Pluto yesterday/He said he on the way/We steady catchin’ plays/I told him ’bout my good news, I’m ’bout to beat this case/I really came from the bottom/Feelin’ like I’m Drake,” Tim raps.

“When prosecutors decide to drop charges, it’s not to say that they are convinced of the defendant’s innocence, rather that there is not enough evidence beyond a reasonable doubt to convict,” Hussain adds. “Here, there are reports that prosecutors believe this to be a case of self-defense, and thus reportedly decided to drop the charges.”